"I.. I have.. somenthing important to say.. but.. no one knows that I'm love Slamby.. he's the coolest guy I know.. Leave me alone, okay? Just.. Uuuh, forget it! I don't wanna talk about it anymore!" - Yuki


Yuki is the prettiest girl at Doki Doki Literature Club. Haha... I'm just kidding, she's ViktoriaVocalsChan's (my) OC, but.. She really loves Slamby, and no one will stand on her way.


Act 1

The Poisoned River.

When I walked I went to the river. She was beautiful, just like my eyes. I went down here to get drunk. But the water was poisoned.

I start feeling nauseous. I went home. I got a first aid kit and a sleeping bag. I drank everything, went to bed. And I slowly began to die.

Just want to know.

I see the school globe I am. I wanted to see the world. I'm spinning, twisting - and now I went to America.

I spin further - I'm in Novergia, Still I am twisting - in Japan And so I began to spin, That I fell to the floor.

Act 2

This poem Yuki shows at Act 2 end.

I take the blade in my hands. It's just what I'm trying to do, but I can not. I slowly put the blade to my hand. I pierce my hand with the blade. It hurt, even the tears rolled. The cut was blood. I liked it and I continued to do it. Soon on my arm was a lot of cuts. I began to laugh out loud. I took the knife and brought it to my neck, but then I laid it down. Then I took a gun, put it to my temple and...

Yuki couldn't write this poem to the end, because she's died when she wrote this poem.

Act 3 and Act 4

No poems :(

Favourite words

  • candies
  • bow
  • gun
  • pistol
  • poems
  • tea
  • cupcake
  • blood
  • tears
  • suicide
  • kill
  • death
  • purple
  • kawaii
  • Slamby
  • game
  • computer
  • Yuki
  • yes
  • know


  • Yuki's "Okay, everyone!" theme plays by a guitar and bells.
  • She started write poems when she was 3 years old.
  • She was born in 1999.
  • Yuki hasn't got confession cutscene, because she kills herself when she write an Act 2 poem.
  • The first Yuki love was Natsuki.

Kisekae Codes

School Uniform:


Normal Uniform:




Bonus Uniform (unlocks when you get all her routes):


Poem Writing Uniform:



Yuki Going To Die

On this picture we see when Yuki tries to shoot at herself

Just Yuki

Just Yuki

Yuki Swimsuit

Yuki in her swimsuit


School Outfit

Yuki Normal Outfit

Yuki Normal Outfit