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Yoshi is pale skinned and has light green hair. His eyes are a dark green.He has unkempt curly hair. You will mostly find him wearing the standard uniform and have on black rimmed glasses.He wears A little red bowtie, unlike most boys who wear a red tie with there uniforms.

If seen outside of school He will be wearing a sweater vest and a pair of jeans.


He is a complete geek and loves reading manga and horror. He is very shy and is easily embarrassed. He only has his one friend and will share everything with her. He will never miss a question on a quiz and always tries his hardest.

However, He is known to have committed self-harm and has only suppressed his want to because of his undying crush.

At home, he cooks and cleans and plays video games. He is very polite to his mother and little brother. However. deep inside he just wants to run away. 

General Information

Full Name: Yoshi Takahashi


Class: Senior

Gender: Male

Birthday: November 12th

Sign: Scorpio

Sexuality: Straight

Status: Yaria

Favorite Animal: Cats

Favorite Foods: Udon noodles

Favorite Color: Bright Green

Birthstone: Topaz


Yoshi is very short and skinny. He has been teased about it all his life. When he was in middle school he met his first friend and was instantly friends. He fell in love with her and was unable to tell her. When they went to high school he had built up the courage to tell her but was immediately broken when seeing her and another boy kissing. He has stayed away from her ever since then.

Yoshi was in the anime club at the beginning of the year. He had joined with his best friend, but after seeing her he packed his bags and made his departure. He tried the cooking club but was ridiculed for his recipes.

The short time Yoshi was in the cooking club he heard about Natsuki who apparently had amazing baking skills. Turned out she was in a few of his classes. He decided to go talk to her one day. They talked about anime and the manga Parfait Girls. She convinced him to join the Literature club. 



Yoshi is very skilled in cooking, but no one knows. He creates his own recipes and loves making new things.


Yoshi can answer almost every math question you throw his way. In his first year, he has already mastered Calculus.


Video games





-Yoshi is fourteen years old.

-Aria was a former member of the Anime club.

-Yoshi is single.

-Yoshi is NOT self aware.

-Yoshi is the first Male Character created on this wiki.