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Xion is pale skinned and has long dark brown hair. Her eyes are bright blue. Her hair is normally kept in two pony tails or braided to the side. When she isn't in her school uniform she's normally wearing a light blue top with black leggings. She is never without a flower in her hair.



Xion is a gentle bright seeming girl. She loves to talk about flowers and if you have a conversation with her she'll probably find a way to bring up roses. Sometimes she can try a little too hard to seem to be cool, or have something in common with you.

At school she's trying to be her cool self waiting till she can unwind and read in the literature club. Every now and then her true self sneaks in and you'll find her talking about her garden.

At home Xion spends almost all her time outside in nature. Every now and then she likes to use fresh fruits and veggies to make something tasty.


General Information

Full Name: Xion Fujita

Age: 18

Class: Senior

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 3rd

Sign: Cancer

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Status: Single

Favorite Animal: Rabbit

Favorite Foods: Raspberries/Fajitas

Favorite Color: Red

Birthstone: Ruby

Quote: "You can't have a rose without a few thorns."




Xion was born an only child with two loving parents. Xion grew up watching her dad work on their family garden in their large backyard. It wasn't long till Xion was outside working on the garden with her father. But one day her dad got into a car accident. Xion never saw her father again. She was a young teen at the time trying to seem like she was fine. At school the kids made fun of her for being smart and enjoying gardening just as they always did. But without her dad their mocking seemed so much worse to her.

Xion refused to seem weak, or even depressed to the kids at school. Everyday she tried to make herself seem "cool" to the other students. Xion just wanted the mocking to stop. Everytime the teasing began she would think of that terrible day where she lost her dad. 

One day Xion went to the school library to check out a book on flowers. There was another girl there who Xion recognized from passing her in the halls. The girl seemed so mature and Xion thought if she started hanging out with her she might seem cooler. Xion soon found out the girl's name was Yuri. Soon after that Yuri persuaded her to join the literature club.




Xion seems to have a green thumb. She can grow almost anything and her gardens are organized and beautiful.


When Xion sees a flower she loves she draws it. Her drawings are bright, colorful and well done.








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- Xion is NOT self aware.

- Xion is 18 years old.

- Xion is single.

- Xion's favorite animal is a bunny.

- Xion was the fourth OC page to be added to the wiki.