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Simon is a character from the Doki Doki Anime Club fangame. He functions as the anime club equivalent to Yuri. Like Yuri, he shows traits of timidness and humility, but has an interest in anime and science.


Warning! The following section contains spoilers for the up and coming "Doki Doki Anime Club". If you wish to experience the game blind when it releases, please do not read this section.

Simon was born in a small town in Florida. He's lived there his whole life and now goes to school there. He's well-known in the school for his academic brilliance, and has a few achievements under his belt, among them being winning the science fair in his Junior year. He joined the anime club when he heard about it on a student podcast. Being one of the first members, he gained the position of Treasurer. However, he had a troubled past. His father died of stress a few months before he was born, with his epitaph displaying only the minimum of "He was a good man." Upon discovering this lack of elaboration, Simon set out to make a full life. His mother currently resides in a hospital, fighting back against a life-threatening disease. He unknowingly suffers depression, often cutting himself to "satisfy a guilty pleasure." In his route, the player must work with Simon to uncover the truth behind some mysterious events happening. Starting with him borrowing a book titled "The Portrait of Markov" from Yuri, Simon starts suffering from intense and gruesome nightmares, and it begins to drive him crazy. MC then describes some strange dreams she's been having to him, and they decide to investigate together. They find that the "Portrait of Markov" was never actually published, meaning that the copy they have is one-of-a-kind. There's no additional info, but it peaks their interest since there are several adaptations of the story in existence. Yet, when searched up, they don't come up.