Original Characters

Creator: Pompken


Satomi usually has her hair down or up in the style you see to the right. Her eyes, not shown in the picture, are a dark green. Her skin is a fair, light shade. 


Satomi is very outgoing and cheerful, and loves being around people. She will talk to anyone around her as long as they are comfortable with talking. Satomi is a very talkative, sociable person, and can make friends almost anywhere she goes.


Satomi doesn't have much of a backstory. She has been recently getting into novels and reading, but has been also getting into writing. She wanted a way to learn more and experiment more with her skills, so she joined the Literature Club.


Satomi's Skills are: 

- Public Speaking

- Math/Science

- Reading/Writing


Satomi is very interested in becoming some type of a scientist when she grows up.

She is interested in getting to now more about cooking.

She loves writing about people and thoughts of people.


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