Sachiko is the new Vice-President of the Literature Club after everything in the game happens


She is very like all of the girls fused into one,personality wise.Depending on how you act to her,she can die 3 ways.


Sayori:Sachiko's childhood friend.She is devastated when Sayori commited suicide.

Yuri:Sachiko and her never really met,but it is shown for her to be jealous of her intellegence.

Natsuki:Sachiko and her are best friends.When Monika deleted her,she wanted revenge.

Monika:Sachiko had a crush on her for a while,until Sayori and the others were deleted,now she wants to pay her back.


Early Life:She had a normal childhood,until she gets hypnotized as a young child by someone unknown,to obey him and do what it said.She was never the same after that...

Act 1:None

Act 2:She is introduced by Monika and her friends.After she learns of Monika's plans,Monika brainwashes her and erases her memories.

Act 3:WIP

Act 4:WIP