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Art of Mitsuko.

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Mitsuko is an AU character made by ItzNotZooey.


Mitsuko has short auburn hair, with a white streak in the middle of her bangs. She does not wear hair accessories because they "feel weird on her head." She has warm amber eyes, which change to a missing texture when glitched.

Mitsuko wears white knee-high socks and blue-tipped uwabaki slippers, and she wears the usual school uniform with a usually buttoned blazer. Outside of school, she wears a purple hoodie, pink sweatpants with a criss-cross design in a darker pink, and white ankle socks.


Mitsuko is portrayed as a harsh character, constantly saying mean things in secret about the other girls in the Literature Club. However, if the player delves deeper into her personality, she is shown as a sadder character, blaming all club problems on herself. It is revealed later that she is only rude to the other girls because she is jealous of the other girls' talent, later apologizing for her actions and promising to try to be nicer.

In Act 2, she is even harsher, and even a bit obsessive (not as obsessive as Yuri, however), shown in her poem "We Are". She is even more obsessed with her and the protagonist's fate together.

She tends to be organized and tidy, as she wants to measure up to the others. She also finds it hard to be bored, as she is always thinking of new poem ideas.


Monika: Mitsuko is, while still complimenting her work, not exactly the nicest to Monika. Mitsuko is not kicked out of the club, because Monika believes Mitsuko can help her win the player's heart, although in strange, even insane, ways. Monika knows about Mitsuko's jealousy, and will mention it in her Just Monika scene.

Natsuki: Mitsuko often looks up to Natsuki. Natsuki does not often speak to her, often ignoring her as Mitsuko did to Yuri, as she has hurt her friends. She also dislikes Mitsuko for mentioning spiders in her poem "It's Not Their Faults".

Sayori: Mitsuko most often throws insults to Sayori, because she is most jealous of her. Sayori does not like Mitsuko at all, because she doesn't know about her jealousy until she apologizes to the members of the Literature Club. The night before Sayori's suicide, Mitsuko, while trying to apologize to her, ends up saying, "I'm surprised you could write poems like that. Especially considering how utterly... stupid you are! Why did Monika even make you vice president of a LITERATURE club, huh? Honestly, a sick dumbass like yourself probably doesn't even know how to tie a noose."

Yuri: In Act 1, instead of throwing insults, Mitsuko often just ignores Yuri, even if she tries to talk to her. Yuri often just leaves Mitsuko alone, as she does not feel it is worth the effort to try to talk to her. In Act 2, their relationship goes downhill even more when Mitsuko hits Yuri, making Yuri cry. Mitsuko will then say, "Stop crying, at least it's not as bad as what you do to yourself.", referring to her self-harm.

The Protagonist: Mitsuko, knowing that The Protagonist often helps her, tries to be as nice as possible, while still being jealous of his talent. As the protagonist is just a vessel for the player, The Protagonist's feelings are whatever the player chooses.


Mitsuko’s sticker.

Act One: The story plays out as it should, with the exception of Mitsuko being added. She constantly insults the others either behind their backs or to their faces. Her route on Day Three includes the player helping her with her emotional issues, and working out how to apologize to the club members.

At the end of that day, she tries her hardest to apologize to Sayori, but ends up throwing a really rude, vulgar insult and running away in regret. At the end of the last day, when the player finds Sayori dead, Mitsuko blames it on herself, saying that she never should've said those things.

Act Two: The first time you see Mitsuko is on Day Four, where she is ignoring Yuri as she asks her for help with a poem. Mitsuko pretends that she does not even exist and Yuri eventually walks away. When Monika edits her file, she is now a more physically rude character, later seen slapping Yuri across the face for never leaving her alone.

After Yuri kills herself, she, as with Sayori's suicide, blames it on herself. She will run away crying, as she believes she is the reason the club is falling apart. If the player finds Mitsuko, she will keep avoiding the player. After that, the player spends the weekend with Yuri, while Mitsuko will be outside the door.

Act Three: Monika will not delete Mitsuko, as she wants the player to do it to prove their love for Monika. If the player deletes Mitsuko, Monika's scene plays as it should, and she will have something to say about Mitsuko's jealousy and pronouns.


  • "You remember Mitsuko, right? The really jealous one?"
  • "Yeah, turns out, she was just jealous."
  • "I understand how she felt. That is kinda why we're here."
  • "But she even slapped Yuri."
  • "I guess it's kinda my fault for amplifying it."
  • "But it doesn't matter now, does it?"
  • "She doesn't exist now."
  • "Ahaha~"


  • "Hey, you know Mitsuko wasn't exactly a girl, right?"
  • "Not in like the, 'she wasn't real, she has no gender' way."
  • "I think they told you, but, they're genderfluid. They used She/He/They pronouns."
  • "Isn't that kinda neat?"
  • "He was brave enough to tell people."
  • "They told me the day before you met us."
  • "I think we should try to respect their choices on pronouns, even when he's not here."
  • "Don't you think, [player]?"

If the player deletes Monika, her deletion scene plays out normally.

Act Four: In Act Four, after all but Monika are restored, Mitsuko is nowhere to be found, regardless of the route.

Monika's Route

If the player deletes Mitsuko, the game plays out as normal.

Mitsuko's Route

If the player deletes Monika, Mitsuko will be found at her house in the beginning of Act 4. They will begin to cry until they realize the player is there. He will explain why he was not at school, saying he did not want to be around the others because of what he did. The player will bring her to school, and she will formally apologize to the others, and ask how to make it up to them. When the player decides which characters route to take, the game will play out as normal unless the player chooses Mitsuko, where they will say that she knows it's cliche for a club of mostly girls, but she loves the player, and that she hopes they will have a wonderful future together.

Word Preferences

Art, Better, Bond, Cliche, Cry, Create, Destiny, Denizen, Ever, Fate, Help, Intertwined, Jealousy


Act 1

It's Not Their Faults

A dearest image awakens my mind.

A blooming rose, with petals and thorns.

I pick it up, the thorns cutting my hand.

I don’t mind.

It doesn’t want to hurt people, but it does.

The bees just want to collect the pollen, but people are scared of them, because they sting.

The spiders just want to get rid of the bugs, but people are scared of them, because they bite.

The ants just want to help their colonies, but people are scared of them, because they ruin a summer picnic.

I just want to be like them, but people are scared of me, because I hurt them.

It’s not the roses’ faults.

It’s not the spiders’ faults.

It’s not the ants’ faults.

But it is my fault.


A simple dream lives in the back of my head.

A dream of five people.

One energetic and happy, always there to lend a helping hand.

One sassy and strong, but kind and sweet, like a sour candy.

One shy and reclusive, yet wanting someone to talk to.

One confident and friendly, a brilliant mind, always in bloom.

One different yet the same. A blank slate full of colour. A mind wide open to anyone.

But it’s only five. It might always be that way, but maybe not.

Can there be six?

Act 2


A fallen angel speaks to me in my sleep.

A scar on her neck and her sky-like eyes bring memories of her.

Of us.

Maybe I could join her someday, in light of what I did.

Maybe more will join her, until it’s only me left.

Maybe she isn’t real.

Maybe none of this is real.

Is it just a dream?

Maybe I’ll never know.

But I’ll never rest knowing that more angels will join her.

We Are

We are together in unison.

We are the only ones left in a dystopian landscape.

We are two astronauts, stranded on the moon together.

We are the same in each other’s eyes.

We are two shining stars in the night sky.

We are two heartbeats, synced together in a perfect harmony.

We are intertwined in a similar fate.


We are intertwined in the same fate.

We are one in the same.

We are forever synced in time.

We are fused to one, forever shared among ourselves.

We are and always will be together.

We are time.

We are side-by-side, never breaking apart.

We are this game’s code.

We are true, but I am not.

We are together forever.











We aren’t meant to be.


Art of Mitsuko done by SOmethingcreative1, the creator of Brea. (Thank you for this!)


  • Their pronouns are She/He/They.
  • She writes in the Hate Your Writing font.
  • Their favourite colour is atomizer.
  • Her favourite food is sour cream and onion chips.
  • He is terrified of the dark.
  • They have a pet snake, named Candy.
  • His name means "child of light" in Japanese.
  • Coincidentally, she shares a birthday with Monika.
  • They think almost everything in the game (called world, as they are not aware) is "cliche".
  • His original name was "Ryzen", but it was changed to "Mitsuko" at the last minute.
  • She originally wanted to join the Art Club, but she joined the Literature Club because, in her words, "why not?"
  • The bold text written in his poem "We Are" were parts that were manipulated by Monika.
  • She will have an AU where she is the president, including her own "Just Mitsuko" scene.
  • They have a dialogue with the protagonist where they find out the protagonist attended the Literature Club on the number of cute girls, where they will say, "Hey, wanna know something about me? I'm not exactly a girl. I'm genderfluid. You know what that means? It means, well, my gender is fluid. I don't have a specific gender, I fluctuate. Y'know what I mean?"