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This character is inactive/outdated at the moment. Feel free to read her old storyline!


Mika's design is similar to Monika's, but they haven't got a connection to each other. She has long, light brown hair and turquoise eyes.


Mika is a happy and kind high schooler girl, who loves to paint and draw. She doesn't like being in a confusing situation.

Backstory (spoilers)

This section contains spoilers.

Mika appears in the game as the protagonist (Mika is in an alternate universe). Her story is not a love story, just a mission to save the other three girls from Monika. Since she's very sensitive, this adventure caused her to have lifelong paranoia because of the scary things. But she feels better already, her new friends care about her.

Mika isn't part of the game; she's not a pretty girl made for the protagonist, instead she's in an alternate universe where is no protagonist. She has a mission to save the three girls from Monika. After Mika deleted Monika and said goodbye to the Literature Club, Mika started her new life in the club as the President, and everything stays alright.


Monika was her enemy when she was still in the game. Mika didn't like her or her motives. Luckily, Mika managed to delete her.

Sayori is Mika's childhood friend. They spent much time together.

"Natsuki cooks the most super awesome cupcakes in the world!" - said Mika enthusiastically.

Yuri and Mika don't talk much with each other, 'cause the girls don't have common interests.


- drawing

- painting

- singing

- dancing

- reading