Original Characters

Mei was originally going to take the role of the antagonist in the concept stage of DDLC but was replaced by Monika because of reasons Dan Salvato does not want to state. She currently resides in the void, watching the screen full of anger and jealousy as Monika steals her role as the club president.


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Mei originally was noted by others to be beautiful, smart, artistic, and sometimes heroic, showed by stopping conflicts or fights before they got worse. She can be very quick to take action instead of thinking but this is not implied in the concept stage of DDLC.

After she has been replaced by Monika, Mei is shown to be very sensitive if someone mentions her. She is also very bored, as she is shown to have been stuck in the void for a long time— since August 2017, the month she was replaced.

She craves excitement, perhaps something that exists in the void, and she would do anything to exit the void and go back into her game, even if she knows it is a simulation.


Not much is known about her since her creator never said anything about her in public. However, l҉a҉p҉i҉s҉ does.

They say her story starts with her parents often neglecting her because of how much they focus on their work which is their priority rather than their child. She has to make her food, go to school on her own, learn manners and responsibilities on her own and take care of herself. This has caused Mei to have dyslexia, a disorder involving a difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that does not affect general intelligence. Her parents were angry at her, having to spend their hard-earned money on her needs like school tuition, tutoring, medical bills, and much more. They never praised anything either, like her strings concerts, her achievements and grades— not even her high school graduation, which has happened recently.

Mei has never felt true love— even though many boys confessed to her because of her beauty and personality, she was confused and often rejected them. She had also felt emotionless recently, often not knowing how to respond to others resulting in her anxiety. She just pretends to smile.

Now stuck in the void, Mei sleeps or daydreams a lot because it is the only thing that lets her imagine anything she wants. Otherwise. she just goes inside the game files of Monika's point of view and watches as Monika smiles and interacts with her friends.