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Marine is owned by Yansimp and is a direct reference to another character. Do not reference Marine unless given permission or trusted.


Marine's blackish blue hair is long, with a white pigeon feather on it. She has blue eyes that are a bit small. She wears the DDLC uniform but it's unbuttoned, just like Sayori's. Marine's hair length is short, reaching her shoulders.


Marine is a big dandere who always messes up on words when talking to or about her loved one. Sometimes she manages to speak proper sentences but it's very seldom. An example of a sentence is 'I-I, Bye MC!- I mean.. die! N-No, wait... well crap."

Other than that, she is very sweet and clumsy, with a slight belief in heroines and an obsession with ladybugs. Sometimes, she can be very serious and savage, since she usually can't resist being innocent all the time. But even though Marine can be very serious, she wouldn't commit any crime, she would only commit one if it's necessary to survive. For example, she once attempted to harm someone just to not get shot.

Act 2

During Act 2, Marine becomes incredibly obsessive over the protagonist, willing to sabotage his relationships between whoever the protagonist hangs out with. Unless if you wrote a poem for Marine back in Act 1, she slowly finds the truth on the game.


  • Marine is a reference to Marinette Dupain-Cheng from Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. (I will be making Adrien/Aren soon!)


She is extremely awkward around the protagonist, as she is referenced to Marinette. She loves him truly, much like who she calls her 'forever husband the first day we met'.

Marine cares about Monika much, as she was the one who let her in anyway. Somewhere in Act 2, Marine fully breaks free of Monika's control, then she is aware of Monika messing with the game, foreshadowing it through poems.

Natsuki is Marine's best friend, with Marine calling her 'Natla" and Natsuki calling her "Boopie". In Act 2, she's still her best friend, though if you write a poem using Sayori's Act 1 word preferences, Marine shares her awareness with Natsuki on Monika messing with the game, saying it like 'she's controlling the club'.

As for Sayori, she kind of finds her annoying but respectable.

And for Yuri, Marine knows nothing about her but views her as 'just like her'.


When the game starts up, the menu screen doesn't show Marine for a minute, then she appears, running worriedly, referencing how Marinette ends up late in the show. When it's 'time to introduce the new club member', Sayori forgets to mention Marine before she shows up, sweating from running too fast. The protagonist notices that Marine has a bruise on her leg, then your given an option to tell her or not to tell her. If you tell her, she replies with "S-Sayori would u-understand why, I-I guess.". If you don't, the game skips straight to the 'helping with festival' event, with the remaining dialogue being:

Sayori: "Oh right, this is Marine; the clumsiest girl in the world!"

Marine: "Hey! Even I can arrive earlier than you!"

Monika: "Ahaha... anyways-"

MC: "So um... what just happened?"

Monika: "It's an instinct between the two, you see."

MC: "Ohhh..."

*The two almost start bursting with laughter watching Marine and Sayori fight, but then Monika remembers the festival.*

Monika: "Right, anyways!"