Original Characters

"I am Student Council member Hisae Ko, and I professionalize in keeping control over students." - Ko, introducing herself to the MC


Ko, for the most part, wears a white button-up T-shirt, a light brown jacket, a dark blue skirt that goes down to her knees, black leggings, and normal ass shoes. Her eyes are a nice forest green, with black-lined square glasses covering them. Somewhat clean but messy brown hair, and very thin, relaxed eyebrows.


Ko is an incredibly relaxed person that can take out her justice with no emotion showing whatsoever, even going through her route its hard to even decipher what shes feeling at that moment in time. Fast, Friendly, and somewhat welcoming, she is viewed as a great Council member from most and has inspired others to get their act together from one simple talk.

Its later revealed that she's not exactly emotionless, she does not let others see her true self because in her eyes, that is showing weakness and vulnerability to other people. Her true self is, in some eyes, rather cute and fun, but her most negative traits can be that she's horribly jealous and doesn't know how to handle it, she can accidentally hurt others with her bluntness which sometimes leads to bad things.


Backstory / Pregame

Ko has never had a real parent figure in her life, and her sister ( who was her caretaker ) died when Ko was 16. Ko, is not effected by this wildly but she doesn't like to bring it up around others.

Act 1

"I don't plan on speaking unless you have a problem."

Ko, in game, is meant to be hard to get along with because she doesn't have the interests in becoming friends with more people, and is mostly interested in just sharing her emotions through vague writing.

She doesnt really talk much, but this is fulfilled through going her route in the game

Act 2

"I don't care if you even want to be near me. You disgust me."

In Act 2, Ko is considerably more hostile and unwelcoming. She isnt bothered with insulting her what could have been considered friends, and is incredibly blunt- to the point of just being an asshole. She is eventually deleted before almost getting the protag expelled for what could have been considered enabling a student council member.

Act 4

In Act 4, she acts the same as Act 1, but she does mention that something feels off or a sense of deja vu.

Preferred words

Silence, Mystery, Justice, Jump, Consider, Hug, Tea, Controller, Pink, Board games, Chocolate, Brown, Culture, Mind, Pine Tree, Mask, Divider, Group, Glasses


  • Ko actually loves to play video games in her spare time, but cannot buy newer games so most she own are pretty old
  • Ko is the oldest student council member
  • Ko prefers writing stories over poetry