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[Kamiko exists in an universe that includes a different MC and more club members, made by my friends and I. Therefore, the MC will be talked about as how the MC is potrayed in her universe. If my friends decide to add their characters to the wiki, I will link them. Thank you!]


Kamiko has reddish-brown hair styled in buns with red bun covers. Because she is Natsuki's sister she has similar features to her. She keeps her blazer buttoned and wears black leggings and blue-tipped uwabaki slippers. She has a bandage on the side of her face and is covered in little cuts all the time due to her clumsiness.


She's loves to tease the other club members and mess with them. This is due to boredom, as she gets bored easily and looks around for something to do. She's loud and teasing and has problems making friends due to this. She has massive trust issues and hides her true self and anxieties. If you take her route she'll show slight hints of this but the dialogue never goes into detail about it. In her poems it's very obvious however, as she can only vent through poems and has a hard time coming up with much else.

Kamiko has a tendency to lie about her personality to suit others or to seem like a character she enjoys and looks up to. She feels as though her own personality is lackluster and tries to seem cool. She daydreams a lot and plays lots of video games to escape reality.



Kamiko likes to tease Monika but other than that they don't interact much.


She likes Sayori quite a bit and they used to be in a class together with Aeka.


Kamiko gets on Yuri's nerves quite a bit due to her loud and obnoxious disposition.


Kamiko is Natsuki's sister. Due to their parents being divorced, Natsuki went with their dad and Kamiko went with their mom. The two are pretty close, and Natsuki used to take care of her while their mom was at work.

Kamiko's Mom

She usually tries to avoid her mom because in her mind seeing her mom equals confrontation and yelling. When Kamiko gets bad grades her mother yells at her and berates her. Kamiko still loves her, and considers her a good parent. This obviously isn't true but she believes it because she was the only one feeding her and taking care of her when they were living with Natsuki and their dad.

Kamiko's Dad

She never sees her dad, and absolutely loathes him. She sees it as his fault that her parents got a divorce, and hates him because he used to beat her like he did with Natsuki. Not to mention neglecting Natsuki and her.


Back when she was a kid her mother and father split up, leaving her with her mom and Natsuki with their dad. Their father was abusive and awful, frequently beating them and neglecting their needs. Their mother had to leave for work a lot, but when she could she'd feed them and take care of them. Truthfully Natsuki was the only one keeping them healthy by baking them things in secret.


First Act

2nd Day

Mc sees Kamiko bothering Monika, mc questions why. Kamiko just shrugs and says "cuz it's boring here" Mc asks what could make it not boring, she shrugs again. Mc suggests writing a poem together and Kamiko just says "bleh". Mc's asks "bleh?" She explains that she's not a fan of that mushy stuff and just wants to write a cool fantasy story. "with lots of swords and action and angst!" So they agree to write a story together.

3rd Day

Kamiko's been awfully quiet today so far which is odd because usually, she'd be causing mayhem and such. Mc goes to see what's up and sees that she's been playing a video game under the desk. Kamiko refuses to write anything and insists on playing this game with her. It quickly turns into her rambling about the game and how much she can relate to or loves the characters and gushes about the story. Overall they get nothing done.

4th Day

The two of them begin working on the story together and Kamiko honestly has no idea whatsoever what do to besides another sword here, another backflip there! etc etc. She also gives ideas on character's backstories and suggests that one of the characters gets emotionally abused if they don't do well enough in their training. Mc asks how they'd cope with it, Kamiko shrugs and says that she guesses they don't.


They can't go to Mc's house so they have to go to Kamiko's house. Kamiko is really uncomfortable with the idea but when she sees her mother isn't home she loosens up a bit. Mc asks why it'd matter so much if her mom was home, gets a vague idea of why themselves, and apologizes. Kamiko looks at them quizzically and comments that she just doesn't feel like introducing them to Mc. Kamiko then shows them all of their gaming stuff and their computer and they accidentally end up playing some. Mc realizes that they're getting sidetracked pretty fast and they start working on the story.

Second Act

2nd Day

Things continue as normal with her.

3rd Day

When Mc tries to get her attention on them and away from the game, a slight glitch effect will happen and her old dialogue will be replaced with "Leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with you. Let me stay in this game. You can hurt me, it can't." The history states her normal dialogue.

4th Day

When Kamiko suggests the character's backstory the Mc asks why she suggested that and her dialogue is changed to "Why do you think?"


Kamiko's mother will come home. This causes her to go into a panic to hide Mc, and she hides them in the closet. From the closet Mc can hear her mother asking if she's done all of the work around the house and if she did well in school that day.


Kamiko walks in with Natsuki to see that Yuri is dead. She's clearly shaken yet more calm than her sister.


Second Day


Can't you leave me alone,

as soon the evil king will be overthrown.

Why can't you understand,

that my vocabulary doesn't need to expand.

All I need is this blade,

not your bitter tirade.

So please leave me to my fantasy land,

as it's easier to withstand.

This world is atrocious,

while the pixelated one is far less ferocious.

Third Day

Calamity Family

Amy goes to bake,

making a dire mistake.

Father saw her in the kitchen,

ending her mission.

Mother stops him just before,

his drunken fist can soar.

What a wonderful calamity,

from a terrible family.

Fourth Day (route)


Tip tap goes the keyboard,

the only thing I've explored.

Is that why I'm so injurious?

Is that why I'm so incurious?

All I know are pixels and screens.

It's hard to understand non-machines.

I wish to understand real love,

before I push away and shove.

Fourth Day (non-route)

The perfect daughter is one who won't talk back.

Straight A's are something she doesn't lack.

The perfect daughter isn't a slob.

She can do any job.

The perfect daughter can't cry,

and certainly doesn't lie.




Word Preferences

Pixel, victory, monster, fantasy, sword, magic, game, weapon, screen, computer, console, controller, dragon, spear, shield, arrow, traitor

Trivia and Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

-Changing her character file to a .png file will reveal art of her wearing fantasy rpg-esque clothes and a spear because she likes to cosplay.

-There's a special poem that says "I'm done, nothing's ever good enough" repeated until it fills up the page. This is only available during the second act.


-Kamiko isn't a big fan of poems, she just likes writing stories.

-Her poem style is usually two lines with rhymes and then another two different rhymes. She's also quite blunt and doesn't usually include many metaphors.

-She's a giant slob.

-She mostly daydreams about being a cool hero, or having someone she can trust and rely on.

-Kamiko used to write lots of fanfiction but got embarrassed by them and deleted them all.

-She used to be really trusting and would be friends with anyone until too many of her "friends" ended up using her for various things.

-I'm absolutely terrible at sprite edits so her art is just Natsuki but color changed with buns and a bandage.