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Bureaucrat since 26 Dec 2017

RoseSnow, better known as Rose, is the co-founder of the wiki. Rose is best known for her overly complicated original characters and role-plays. Her most common edits are for her own characters, or for enforcing the Wikia's rules.

Her specialties include writing, old-school coding, yelling when needed, and overly complicated roleplays or original characters.


Bureaucrat since 15 Jan 2018

VintageToast, who also goes by Toast, is the third-elected bureaucrat of the wiki. She is the creator of the 50 Questions page and her most common activities on the wiki include attempts at coding, roleplaying and writing OC pages.

Her specialties include writing, some types of formatting and activity.




Admin since 13 Jan 2018

Pepper8338, also known as Pepper, was the first discussion mod. She was soon promoted to an admin. She enjoys making new OCs and learning everything she can about coding.

Her specialties include coding, roleplaying, and rule enforcement.


Admin since March 9 2018

Inkygenolphys74, preferably known as "Inky", was the first Chat Mod on DDLCFW and now the third admin. They roleplay, code and draw on this wiki, and wish to help the wiki expand and be more popular.

Her specialties include being active and drawing.


Admin since 12 March 2018

cLapisLazu also known as "Lapis", is the fourth elected admin on the wiki. She loves socializing with others and can be found roleplaying, editing and making pages, or chatting on DDLCF's Discord server. Feel free to have a conversation with her or to ask any questions! (If you have any coding tips she recommends you to send them to her)

Her specialties include drawing, watching anime, roleplaying, activeness, and enforcing rules!.

Discussion Moderators



Discussion Mod since 13 Jan 2018

Her specialties include .


Discussion Mod since 26 Dec 2017

Her specialties include .

Content Moderators



Content Mod since 14 Jan 2018

SaltyLemons, also known as Loaf, was the second Content Mod on this wiki. She makes sure all pages are coded correctly and has yet to create OCs. She enjoys making art and roleplaying.

Her specialties include art and coding, and will often make art trades/offers if she isn't busy. She also takes occasional coding requests.


Content Mod since 10 Jan 2018

LemonyBiscuits, also known as Lemon, was the first Content Mod on this wiki. He has made OCs like Yoshi and Akiko. He enjoys roleplaying in the discussions and makes sure all the pages are correctly coded.

His specialties include art, coding and roleplaying.

Discord Moderators