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Chat Policy


Make sure to read thoroughly before entering the chat or Discord.


  • As stated before, bullying will not be tolerated, in the chat or not. 
  • You may not spam the chat. Conversation and spam are different things.
  • Although you may joke around, you may not insult someone's sexuality, gender, race, etc. 
  • Nothing NFSW nor gore is allowed in the chat(except DDLC related content that is in the game (eg. Yuri or Sayori's death) will ever be permitted in the chat. 
  • Self-advertising is not tolerated at all unless the user has a good excuse, which is a very small chance. 


  • Swearing is allowed in the chat as long as not used excessively. The staff still has final say on if you are swearing too much.
  • Swearing may not be used offensively at any time. 
  • Slurs like the 'n' or 'f' word will never be allowed. 
  • Staff can sometimes tolerate abbreviated swearing, examples such like "LMAO". 

Images & Links

  • Images & Links over PG-13 must have a warning. 
  • Inappropriate images (it should be clear what one is referring to) are not to be posted on the chat. 
  • Links to shopping or auction sites may not be posted on the chat.