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Original Characters

Crepuscolo, or Dusk, is the counterpart of Hoshimi


Crepuscolo is a pale, thin wiry, slender girl. She has raven black hair and medium grey eyes. She has a default white shirt.

being a placeholder, she has no alternate outfits.


Crepuscolo has a pretty boring personality, which was why she was replaced.

In Game

First Verison

She holds Hoshimi's place. She has no route. She merely has a couple lines, and is really buggy.


If you complete Hoshimi's route at every opportunity possible, you will be greeted with a letter written by Hoshimi.

"I know your here. Thank you, whoever you are, for caring so much about me. You haven't saved me, however. There is a part of me missing. Find me. I'll leave you a hint."

If you go into Hoshimi's character file, it will lead you to this website, in which you can download Crepuscolo's files from the first version.

When installed, she becomes implemented within Hoshimi, making her complete.

When you delete "First Run" and play through again, Hoshimi/Crepscolo will say this after Sayori ethier thanks the protagonist or takes Monika's place. Her Sprite will appear after Monika deletes the game and after the credits in a black void.

"Thank you {Admin Name}, thank you so much. Thank you for making me complete. Feel free to come and visit anytime... Wait.. You can't? Let me fix that."

After that, she says. "Close this application, and open the one in this file explorer."

She will open the file explorer to something called. File: Hoshimi Extension.exe

Opening this will allow you to spend time in a universe where none of the characters are self aware.


Slamby- He somehow remembers me. Man, those were fun days.


  • Crepuscolo has no glitched form even when glitched.
  • In the game files, you can find many VA tracks for her.
  • She is believed to have code imported from a fighting game, possibly Smash Melee.