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author: fireflows

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author's note

Please note, before you read this story, that only canon characters will be used. Please do not request for your oc to be entered in this story. Also, I will be calling the Protagonist Aaron, since that is a nice name for him. Thank you for understanding.

act one

Sayori arrived through the club doors, making such a loud noise that now everyone paid attention to her. "Hi everyone!" she exclaimed happily, tip-tapping the floor with her feet, carrying a poem in her hand. "How has everything been?"

"Everything has been amazing!" Monika responded, just as happily as Sayori. "And you arrived just as we were going to share our poems!"

Natsuki grumbled. Yuri smiled. "Great, I'm excited to start sharing poems."

Aaron looked down at his poem. It's alright, I suppose, he thought.

A few moments later, Natsuki handed Monika her poem. "I tried my best on it," Natsuki said, hoping to get a decent response from Monika. She also hoped that Monika's wasn't bad either, because she was going to read her poem as well. Monika read Natsuki's poem, seeming to be astounded by her work. "Very... very nice, I enjoy it," Monika told her. "Good job!"

"Thanks!" Natsuki responded, grinning. "Could I see your poem next?"

Monika thought, This is unlike Natsuki, and she responded with a nod.

wippity wip ;0;