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“The only reading I do is tarot reading.”

Chiyaki is a new student and is not yet a member of any club. She is an OC created by BerryCranne who imagines her in a non-existent Doki Doki Literature Club! sequel. She can have an interest in the game's MC, much to Monika's chagrin.


Chiyaki has fair skin and indigo eyes. She also has medium length midnight purple hair which she wears in a side ponytail tied with a red string adorned by dark wooden beads. Her cheeks have a light pink blush on them. She wears her school uniform neatly, also wearing knee-high white stockings and indoor ballerina loafers which have the signature blue on the toe box.

Outside of her uniform she has a boho clothing style, wearing a lot of beige, orange, brown and of course indigo.


Chiyaki is a very eccentric girl who is really into spirtualism and agnosticism. She doesn't connect well with her peers within the school due to her unapologetically authentic nature, often being perceived as her being strange. She loves anything to do with tarot cards, charka's and crystals and often talks about manifesting the love of MC through the Law Of Attraction. Chiyaki is also very intuitive, having sensed beforehand that Monika has "something about her that makes [her] feel uneasy.".

Beneath the quirks and eccentricity lies a girl trying to ignore the souls of the dead desperate to communicate through her. She is able to see ghosts so strongly that she takes several remedies to block them out. Especially after being taken over completely by a ghost when she was younger, she fears the same will happen if she isn't careful enough. Sometimes playing the violin helps her easing her mind.

She barely has any friends at school, but she does attend a spirituality group consisting of seven members, Chiyaki being the sixth. She deems the members of said group her friends. None of them are students in the school Chiyaki is in.

Preferred Words

Chiyaki's excited chibi sticker. Edited through canon chibi's.
  • Afterlife, Agnosticism, Align, Aroma, Astral, Astrology
  • Blueberry
  • Chakra, Constellations, Crescent, Crystals
  • Deities, Divine
  • Eccentric, Energy, Eye
  • Flame, Fortune
  • Ghosts, Gifted
  • Hades
  • Ignore, Indigo, Intuition
  • Manifest, Meditation, Mediumship, Midnight
  • Odd, Outcast
  • Paranormal, Pendulum, Posession
  • Retrogade
  • Souls, Spirits, Strange
  • Tarot, Terror, Third, True, Trust
  • Violin

Possible Story

This story is completely imaginary! It's a story idea and in no way, shape or form canon or set in stone!

The Aftermath

A year after the events of Doki Doki Literature Club! a new set of students enrolled in the school. One of the students is Chiyaki, an eccentric oddball who is really into spirtual stuff. Despite her funny interests and strange personality she is a cute looking girl through the eyes of the MC. Chiyaki visits the Literature Club at occasion just to strike up a conversation with the MC.

Chiyaki Route

“I really suck at writing poems but, uh, here.”


If the MC wants to embark on the Chiyaki route they can write a poem for her during club hours and give it to her the next time she visits them. The now 19-year-old Monika is irritated by this, but tries not to repeat history. Unfortunately, Monika's lack of interference leads to the MC and Chiyaki to become closer every day, thus growing Monika's anger. Finally, Monika finds a way to open Chiyaki's third eye chakra as wide as possible. This leads to Chiyaki's unconsenting channeling of spirits until she is completely posessed by several, killing herself in the end. Chiyaki's demise leads to her character file being corrupted and/or deleted.


Doki Doki Literature Club!

Chiyaki's relationship with the main characters of the original game

MCFriend / Love Interest (determinant)

From the moment she saw them she grew a liking to them. They emit something that peaks Chiyaki's interest and she seizes the moment by trying to explore it. She visits the Literature Club everyday just to see and talk to them. When embarking on Chiyaki's route, she will grow to fall head over heels for the MC and wants nothing more than to be together as lovers. Though Chiyaki will hesitate a little at first as she senses darkness ahead.

MonikaAcquaintances / Enemy (determinant)

Monika was very welcoming towards her at first, as she usually is with people who could be possible members of her not-so-popular Literature Club. However, Chiyaki's disinterest in literature and her mainly joining to see and speak to the MC has caused Monika to grow annoyed with Chiyaki. Chiyaki doesn't think much of Monika other than her being a popular student and sensing something within Monika that causes unease within Chiyaki, but she tends to brush that feeling off quite easily.

She doesn't know much about Sayori. The only opinion she has of her is

that she's very sweet. Chiyaki has no idea what goes on with Sayori behind the scenes.

Chiyaki is a bit distant towards Yuri. She becomes awkward when
Yuri's social anxiety kills their conversations. On a different note,

Yuri reminds her of her friend Yukari who is also a member of the spirituality group.

Chiyaki has little to no opinion towards Natsuki. She sees her walking around school

sometimes and hears stories about her but she doesn't really interact with Natsuki.


Chiyaki's relationships outside of the school

Spirituality GroupBest Friends

She absolutely loves her spirituality group and attends it every week. She often talks about the members, the members being; Yukari, Hibiki, Kokodori, Manipura (real name Asagi), Kato and Yuichi. They are like family to her and they help her grow and balance out, not only her gifts, but also herself as a person. She's also aware of Hibiki's crush on Kokodori and helps him win her heart through language.


Chiyaki's relationship with the main characters of the original game

Chiyaki hasn't met any OCs yet.


  • Her handwriting is Morsal.
  • Her main inspiration is Phoebe Buffay from the sitcom Friends.
  • Because of her father she had to take violin classes. It served her well in the end as it helps her block out spirits.
  • She is an indigo child.
    • She is also the personification of the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna), which is linked to perception, awareness and spiritual communication. This explains her interests in- and close connection to spirituality as well as her ability to see the dead.
  • She tried creating a 'Spirituality Club' but nobody was interested in joining which lead to the club disbanding soon afterwards.
  • She does readings for other students in secret sometimes.
  • She smells like white sage incense.
  • Chiyaki doesn't have any siblings.


  1. Chiyaki says this before giving this poem to the MC.