Chiaki has a shaved side with curly hair, the back is long and curly. Her hair is neon red, she has shiny black eyes, bushy eyebrows and pale skin. She wears light green reading glasses.


Act 1:


The darkness swallows the city a' whole.

Light digested as well.

I look to the sky.

The end seems nigh.

But, hark!

A light! An angel comes!

To restore the light fore lost .

Art thou thy light?

Act 2:

It was all a lie. There was no light.

Where did it go?

Where did it go?!


This can't be true. The light is still here, I just know it.

Are you still here, my light?

Favorite Words

  • Love
  • Light
  • Hope
  • Angel
  • Poem
  • Edwardian
  • Victorian
  • Possession
  • Mine



Normally, Chiaki is a sweet and innocent girl. She tends to cling to the protagonist a lot during the game. She also tends to kind of act like a crybaby at times if she doesn't get her way.



Overwritten Chiaki becomes incredibly possessive over the protagonist. If she sees him hanging out with another girl, she will swiftly pull him away and ask why he made friends with her so fast. The player then has two responses: "I love her" or, "We're just friends". Depending on what you choose her personality for the rest of the game. If you choose "I love her" Chiaki will become a possessive yandere, she will reply with "I knew I stood no chance with you." When she says this the music slows down 50%, making it sound sad and creepy. Throughout the rest of the game she will send death threats towards the player. She will eventually get arrested by the Police for bringing a knife to school. If you choose "We're just friends" she will become a stalker, and follow your every move. In the background you can see her with Yuri's milk-white eyes. If you choose to interact with her, she will have no eyes and just say "QWERRTUIOPHBDRTHBVDRTGVDSBSET" This will not save in the game's history. She will eventually be arrested for breaking and entering your house.

Easter Eggs

  • There's a rare chance when she says the gibberish she will have a hyper-realistic mouth.
  • When you choose to talk with her about Monika, she will say the reason she acts like this with you is because her parents spend more time with her older brother, and she doesn't have anybody to call hers.
    • She also says that the reason her hair was shorter is because she ripped it out with her hands.