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UwU the 2nd UwU the 2nd 19 July 2021

my poems i made at 12:17 pm

here are some of them

This endless void

People around, ever so dark.

Room around, ever so dark.

Happy, sad, crying, glad.

Never complete

ever so dark. -(real name)

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UwU the 2nd UwU the 2nd 11 June 2021

new oc coming soon i'll give you her name!

Rōzu Sutāraito (translates to rose starlight)

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UwU the 2nd UwU the 2nd 11 June 2021

a day with aoi Yanagi

the first thing she does in the morning on a weekend is do the basic stuff like brush teeth ,brush hair, get dressed ,make food ,then eat it!

after that she pretty often gets a pile of roses from amai natsu or some other "romantic" thing like signs outside her window and yea aoi gets annoyed but she also thinks of it as funny her half tsundere childhood friend loved her.

after that she hangs out with monika and goes shopping or goes out to eat.

then she goes home and tells her parents good night (yup shes that gurl XD)

she goes to sleep. (amai may or may not watch her sleep for a bit!

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UwU the 2nd UwU the 2nd 10 June 2021

feeling a bit bored so i'll make a poem writen by my oc Aoi Yanagi!

the wind harshly blows her hair up the grass a vibrent shade of green, walk up to her she dissapers like she was never seen the girl keeps running off and about but never saying a thing the mess of blood on her dress twas from the day she had confessed he said no and she had to go the girl was in rage, minutes pass with blood on the grass the girl keeps running off and about scouting for her love for she had killed him herself. -Aoi Yanagi

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YuriMomoXx YuriMomoXx 2 March 2021


I hate my username lol

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BeautifulLolitaJellyfish BeautifulLolitaJellyfish 17 February 2021

Brother loves ddlc

My brother loves ddlc, also me( I don’t play because I am a girl and I only like the characters) He loves playing ddlc and insists to have Monika plush, a Natsuki plush and vice versa. I can’t find any for him and he is angry. We found some for him at last so he is happy! He insists to have Monika as his waifu because she has a saddening past that everyone gets the love she doesn’t. My brother loves it!

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SapphireDragon1213 SapphireDragon1213 27 January 2021

💜Yuri💜 Drawing

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12JSANDM 12JSANDM 29 May 2020

My Plans

Me: I will create some FCs!

My brother: Okay. What are the names?


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Ashley the bunny Ashley the bunny 20 April 2020

Another poem

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, and so are you!

But the roses are wilted. the violets are dead. The flowerpot's empty. And so is your head.

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Ashley the bunny Ashley the bunny 13 April 2020

A poem by Riku

Willow trees billowing in the wind.

Petals flying through the air.

Tall grass itching my legs.

Wind whipping around my hair.

(sorry for the rhyme!!)

Beautiful light blue sky.

Clouds fluffy like dogs.

It means nothing to me.

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MonsterDokiSegaFnafGamer MonsterDokiSegaFnafGamer 14 January 2020


Hi Everyone.

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Nightmare minotaur Nightmare minotaur 31 October 2019

So i found yuris theme

So yeah yuri is a monster. Or at least the animalistic urges inside her brain are acting up

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SayoriBest999 SayoriBest999 23 October 2019

My Friend

So, if some of you don't know, I am @Sayori-Susan-Club on Scratch. @autumnpigmy , the creator of Cheiko, is my friend! So yes, I know her!

SayoBest 06:09, October 23, 2019 (UTC)

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Nightmare minotaur Nightmare minotaur 3 October 2019

So is ddlc haunted.

I really don't think the game is haunted but you never know, I found this picture and it seems like poor yuri is being possessed.

I mean monika could be a ghost but you never know, monika could have been a dead girl The creator dated. or monika could be the name of a dead freind

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Autumnpigmy Autumnpigmy 24 September 2019

May as well have a blog (-w-)

Wow. I have done literally NOTHING here for ages.

Oh well. Time to pretend I'm an active user! 

So. I've been thrust into the HELL that is Year 11 (I think that's junior high for the Americans, correct me if I'm wrong) and it FREAKING SUCKS. There's so much work to do. and yet I find time to procrastinate for days 

So, sorry for only sometimes checking in to see the new OCs.

In other news, HEAPS of stuff has happened in my life over the last few months.

1. I turned 16, and I'm the age where people are legally allowed to get a license. Not me, though! More on that later.

2. My family has adopted two cats :) They're mother and daughter, Zelda and Callie respectively.

3. I've binged the entirety of Steven Universe in time for the movie to come out, …

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PotatopieX PotatopieX 16 July 2019

Look, I'm making a game!

Just a little question: Did Y'all heard about the visual novel 'Butterfly Soup'? It is also free to play and it's not scary gfrgldfgd

Basically, I love this visual novel and I love DDLC too. So I was thinking...what if the DDLC girls were Butterfly Soup characters? And that's how I came with 'Doki Doki Alphabet Soup'! This game will have similar things such as the DDLC characters with personalities from the Butterfly Soup characters, but I'll try to make it different so it'll not just be a Butterfly Soup reskin.

So of course, I need your help! I'm currently hiring staff. You could be anything from a translator to an artist. By the way, I have some friends working with me, but this game doesn't seem it'll see the light of day very soon.

We're …

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Eqeope Eqeope 21 May 2019


I am in LOVE with Doki Doki Literature Club. Tee Hee. I cant help but smile when i hear her singing. Come and join our world.

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Luckibunni9 Luckibunni9 4 February 2019

Oc Bio

Hello, i’m Lucki. I would like to have a OC bio to make my OC, Sakura. I would be so grateful if you can because I don’t really know much of wiki-ing :P

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Coventina Robinson Coventina Robinson 22 December 2018

the monster in the closet



my closet's making noises,

creeping towards the door,



i can hear them some more,



daddy is home,



i can see your bone,



please dont cry,



dont say good bye,



i love you so,



jump off you go...

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J0philwin J0philwin 21 December 2018


Libitina is a alter ego of Yuri. She appers in Alternative act 3 as supernatural being who is angry about Yuri's death, her rebuff by MC and Monikas Manipulation. Therefore she want to meet MC.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Backstory
  • 4 In Game (Idea)
  • 5 Sprites
  • 6 BGM in Alternative Act 3
  • 7 Inspired by

Libitina possess Yuri's body after her suicide. She has two deep wound in belly and chest, around the wound are bloodstains, her left Arm are scarify and bloodstains on the Hand and Face. Her long hair turn into white like her eyes, but she has no pupils. Sometimes she shows her big third eyes on the Head.


Before Libitina had possessed Yuri, she was goddess of the death in Roman Mythology who get a own dark cult called Markov with a lot members (mostly bad …

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Autumnpigmy Autumnpigmy 25 September 2018

wild thoughts ~ 01

Shatter me a thousand times.

I don't care.

But if you touch the people who are dear to me...

I will make you dance on broken glass.

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CLapisLazu CLapisLazu 15 May 2018

Facade - Poem

Feel free to critique! I made this since my ELA class was studying poetry!

Smile, laugh, innocence, elegance.

That's how she acts in public.

Lazy, messy, sleepy, loud.

She can't reveal her real personality.

Society has changed, more and more people judge others now.

A flawless mask covers her, she wants to be perfect.

If she can keep up her facade she can gain more friends, followers, and popularity.

But everything can't last forever.

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WillyWonkazz WillyWonkazz 14 May 2018


AYAKO- Meaning

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Cookie-Owl Cookie-Owl 29 April 2018


I wanted to give some info about Mizuki's little sister, Kirana. I have a lot of things I already know about their relationship, but that is spoilers... So anyways:

I will make Kirana's page once I am satisfied that Mizuki's page is as complete as it could be without Kirana's page. Kirana and Mizuki's relationship is something I want to further delve into once I actually have a page for her. I also have to remake Mizuki's entire appearance since I finally figured out how to save sprites, but her sprite was deleted.

As of now, Kirana has long, blonde hair (even longer than Mizuki's). Her eyes are a bright blue. She is shorter than Mizuki. 

Depending on which route you take, Mizuki and Kirana's relationship could be fixed or could get worse (it…

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MewMewKitten MewMewKitten 19 April 2018


You know how you can get a couple of pictures and put them into some sort of slideshow thingy??? Does anybody know how to do that???

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MewMewKitten MewMewKitten 18 April 2018


I just want to know; am I allowed to advertise my own Wikia on the blog post area or anywhere else? I want to get criticism from others.

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Inkygenolphys74 Inkygenolphys74 13 February 2018

Art requests (maybe??)

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RoseSnow RoseSnow 5 February 2018

Rose's Art Contest

  • 1 Rules
  • 2 The Art
  • 3 The Prize
  • 4 Due Date

-The Wiki Policy must be followed exactly. -No stealing art or tracing or using bases, seriously. -Be creative! -Don't be rude, this is for fun!

The art needs to be of the above character. Be creative with it!

The winner will have their piece used on most of my media. The rest of pieces will be in the rotation to, but the one that wins will be used the most.

Will be announced when users join

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Fishsticcs Fishsticcs 24 January 2018

Urge - A Poem By Me

I'm warning you 

This is my first poem stuff

I'm looking for some constructive feedback if anyone here writes poems

So Yeah

And don't quote the game and Yuri's advice cuz it's just ewfhgudjferg yeah no



I step out, the light blinding me.

It is bright... too bright.

My foot aches as it slides forward, readying itself to escape the dark prison that was once called home.

The hands pull on me, tighter, tighter,

Calling out to me, telling me to go back into what seemed like security.

Yet my urge disintigrates the reluctance

And I cringe, clasping my hands over my ears

As they scream one last time,

Their cries echoing out into the bizarre, new world,

But I smile, knowing that I will soon be free again.

The Second Urge

It feels like everything is closi…

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Inkygenolphys74 Inkygenolphys74 24 January 2018

Coding stuff

Beginner's Guide to Coding! Introduction So, Coding is a way that us Fandom Users, make our pages. It's easy to mess up coding, and not easy to fix, but (hoepfully) this guide will help you who are confuzzled.

It's one of the most basic skills to edit in Classic Editor (I think), so heres how you get into it.

First - Create a new page.

Second -Exit Visual editing, (The mode you enter when you create a new page), and press Classic Editor.

From there, you can start to create your page. (^^ turn into pics)

One of the ways that pages look more interesting and worth reading, is visuals. Things like pictures lighten up the page a little more! 

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VintageToast VintageToast 20 January 2018

drawing contest 1 ?

heyo! it is i, toast!

now, i have no idea if anyone will join this, and doubt anyone will, but... drawing contest! yes! yay! woohoo!

anywayy,, i’m gonna begin this contest if and when i get at least four contestants. i’ll give everyone a theme for each round, of which there will be five, give or take.

to enter, simply comment on this blog! your drawing style, skill or experience doesn’t matter; this competition is made for fun!

the rules are as follows:

  • don’t steal or trace art. seriously.
  • no nsfw content please.
  • be respectful of other people’s work.
  • please try to follow the theme.

your art may be traditional or digital. please upload a photo of your entry onto the wiki, labelling it with [yourusername]-drawingcomp-[roundno] and then commenting it …

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VintageToast VintageToast 14 January 2018

kisekae requests !!


has anyone here heard of kisekae?

it’s a very very detailed full-body dollmaker game by the japanese developer pochi.

(warning: some of the advertisements are graphic, since it originated as a ‘hentai game’)

it’s what i used to make sun-woo’s pictures!


would anyone like me to make a kisekae of their ddlc character?

just gimme a link to their page, preferably already with an image of them for reference!

i like to think i’m pretty good at it! :)

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