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Atsushi has pale skin and blond hair. Her eyes are blue. Her hair is very long, so she can do a lot with it. She loves wearing different earrings. When she isn't in her school uniform she has on an orange top with a blue jacket and black leggings.

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Atsushi is a kind girl. She loves spending time with friends and being an ordinary teen. She's not at all an introvert and is very social.

At school she trys not to let mean kids get to her. She's friends with most of the nerds. This is probably because she could be considered a nerd herself. She's very smart and loves math.

At home Atsushi spends time with her sister, Moriko. She also spends time in the kitchen seeing what new creations she can whip up.

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General Information

Full Name: Atsushi Riye 

Age: 15

Class: Freshman

Gender: Female

Birthday: October 20

Sign: Libra

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Status: Single

Favorite Animal: Horse

Favorite Foods: Pirogis

Favorite Color: Orange

Birthstone: Opal

Theme: Backwards

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Atsushi grew up with her parents and sister, Moriko. She was always the baby of the family. She always loved speding time with her older sister, but she could tell that something wasn't quite right with her all the time. So, she kept a close eye on her sister as they grew up.

Atsushi was good in school, so of course the kids made fun of her. She wouldn't let the students get to her though. She kept her negative thoughts to herself and seemed soft spoken to the other students. Her friends were the only ones who really understood her and what a great person she was. Atsushi always tried to stay true to herself.

One day Atsushi's suspicions were proven to be correct. She foun Moriko crying in the bathroom. She found that her sister was depressed and had a few thoughts of suicide. From then on Atsushi wanted to cherish every moment she had with her sister. She never wanted anything to happen to her.

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Atsushi loves to make sweet treats for her and her friends.


Atsushi is very smart and loves math more than anything.

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  • Atsushi
  • Atsushi-casual
  • Atsushi-glitched
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Fun Facts

-Atsushi is NOT self aware

-Atsushi is 15 years old

-Atsushi is single

-Atsushi was the third OC I created

-Atsushi was heavily based off of me

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