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Akiko has pale fair skin and bright teal eyes. Her hair is naturally bleach blond and keeps it in a tight pony tail. Her hair is in a side part with to curly strands of hair in front of her ears. 

She wears a standard school uniform with a teal bow in her hair.

If seen outside of school she would be wearing high waisted jeans and a teal crop top. Instead of a teal bow, she would have a teal ribbon tying her ponytail.

Akiko has black oozing eyes when glitched. Her mouth is tied closed and has razor teeth. She also carries a knife.


Akiko is very social and has made a fair amount of friends in her two years of high school. She loves photography and wants to be a professional. However, she has a dying passion for fine literature. However, at times she can fall into a spiral of depression and suffers from occasional seizures.

When Akiko is glitched she acts desperate to have people love her. She will stoop to trying to kidnap you and mentally wash you until you adore her.

General Information

Full Name: Akiko Hiroshima


Class: Second Year

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 24th

Sign: Taurus

Sexuality: Straight

Status: Single

Favorite Animal: Lamb

Favorite Foods: Vegetable Sushi 

Favorite Color: Teal

Birthstone: Diamond

Dere : Bodere


Akiko grew up in a very hectic family and she has a twin sister.  Her parents were always away on business trips. She had a very close bond with her sister and they loved going to watch theater performances with their grandma. After she had died the inherited all of her play scripts and and classics.

In middle school Akiko was in the Photography Club but as soon as she reached high school she joined the literature club to embrace her reading side which she lost when she began photography.



Akiko has mastered taking pictures. She can stay completely still as she lines up the camera and with a quick flash she can take a masterpiece.


From all of her reading Akiko is very good with writing and grammar.



Fine Literature




- Akiko used to be in the Photography club.

- Akiko has bleach blond hair.

- Akiko is a Taurus.

- Akiko's birthstone is a diamond.