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[Aeka exists in an universe that includes a different MC and more club members, made by my friends and I. Therefore, the MC will be talked about as how the MC is potrayed in her universe. If my friends decide to add their characters to the wiki, I will link them. Thank you!]

[Also, sorry if there are mistakes in formatting, I've never made a wiki page before. Feel free to help me fix it if you want, I'd really appreciate it!]


Aeka has dusty brown hair, pulled back into two low pigtails. However, not all of her hair is in the pigtails, and the loose hair is messy. She has various hairclips in her hair, with two different sets of two identical rainbow clips. She also wears a rainbow beaded necklace that she had made herself. She has the same eye shape as Monika.

Aeka wears her blazer unbuttoned, and she wears white knee-high socks with blue-tipped uwabaki slippers. Outside of school, she wears a rainbow vertically striped cropped button up that is tied to keep it up, and standard jeans that have paint splattered all over them, but not intentionally.


Aeka is energetic, but not too energetic, and not as energetic as, say, Sayori. She's extroverted and loves making friends, having stated that she prefers to be around friends instead of alone, and that's part of the reason she joined.

She's a bit disorganized, but when confronted about it she waves it off, stating that the messiness keeps her creative juices flowing, and that if she was clean and organized she'd never get anything done due to being too stiff.

She's a bit of a tease, and if you do not take her route she will make comments about you being buddy-buddy with the person whose route you're taking. She gets comfortable with people very quick, and isn't afraid to ask for silly things, like to be fed, even if she doesn't have to. However, she avoids asking about serious things, and when asked about something serious she may or may not answer before changing the subject. When confronted about this, she simply states that she prefers to keep the mood lighthearted, and then changes the subject.


She has no strong opinion on Monika, apart from being a bit frustrated but understanding of her sometimes. They hardly interact, and Aeka prefers to keep it that way, stating that, even though she loves making friends, she doesn't have much interest in befriending someone who is professional like Monika.

Sayori is a friend of hers, having shared a class with her and Kamiko in her first and second years. They talked a bit, but never got that close, before Aeka joining the literature club, that is. After Aeka joins, since the two are now spending a lot more time together, and their similar natures, Sayori has become her closest friend.

Aeka really wants to be friends with Natsuki, but is put off by her standoffish nature and brash attitude. They have some similar interests, as Aeka much prefers manga over regular books, and loves admiring the art. She isn't sure about Natsuki's sassiness, though, and says that she's not sure what she thinks Natsuki would be like as a friend.

Similar to Monika, Aeka has no strong opinion on Yuri. She's tried befriending her, but her energetic personality didn't suit well with Yuri's softspoken, shy one. She tries her best to be a bit more toned down around Yuri, though.

The MC is someone she has a different opinion depending on whose route you take. If you take hers, she'll see them as a wonderful friend, and maybe even more. If you take someone else's, she sees them as a friend of hers, but not a great one.


Aeka's parents died in a car crash when she was thirteen, leaving her to take care of her younger twin sisters, Mizuki and Himari. Her aunt gave them money for rent and food until Aeka was old enough to get a job, saying that she was doing her job as the girls' caretaker so that they wouldn't have to go into foster care. However, she truly didn't care about them that much.

Aeka has a job and often has to take extra shifts in order to be able to pay for necessities, often coming to school tired and grumpy. She tries her best not to fall asleep in class, but sometimes her sleepiness gets the best of her.

Aeka joined the literature club because she was kicked out of the art club for, quote, "being too chaotic and a general distraction". However, due to her extroverted nature, and the fact that her sisters would often need or want her attention when she's at home, she didn't want to go home and do art there. Instead, she joined the literature club, and tried to convince the members to just let her do art during the meetings. Monika agrees for a little bit, before later telling Aeka that she needs to start doing literature related stuff during the meetings, or else she'll have to leave the club.


2nd day:

MC sees Aeka drawing in a corner and goes over to see why she isn't doing anything literature related in the literature club. She explains how she got to the club and why she's even in it. She then says that Monika told her she had to start doing literature related stuff or else she'll have to leave the club. MC suggests that she make a manga, she immediately agrees. They brainstrom ideas until poem time.

3rd day: Aeka is really tired and can't remember what they agreed on. MC reminds her and she starts drawing the first page, as she had MC write a script for it the night prior. However, everything she draws, quote from Aeka, "doesn't look right". When she crumples the paper up and rips it, MC comforts her saying that its okay if she doesnt get it right that day. The two talk about ideas for the other pages of the first chapter until poems.

4th day: She shows off the pages she has done before suddenly remembering that she had to be somewhere that afternoon. She gives MC her poem, telling them to show it to the others for her. MC writes scripts for the remaining pages until poems. At the screen where you choose who you're helping, there's an Aeka option, where the MC says that they can finish the first chapter with her and show it off at the festival. Monika gives MC Aeka's number instead of it being directly given, like it would be with Yuri or Natsuki.

Date: Aeka comes over and they work on the manga. At one point, Aeka asks MC if they have any snacks, saying that she doesn't work well on an empty stomach. MC gets her some chips and she insists that MC feed them to her, giggling. After they just work on the manga.

Second Act

The differences in the second act go as follows:

When being asked why she's at the lit club (instead of just drawing at home), much like Natsuki's "my father would beat the shit out of me" comment, her normal dialogue changes to "Mizuki and Himari always need my attention when I'm home. I wouldn't get a single thing done if I was caring for them." and the history states her normal dialogue, which is "I have younger sisters, so they would probably annoy me if I was home, even if I'm drawing. Besides, an afternoon is much better spent with friends than just at home, hehe!"

In the 3rd day, halfway through drawing she'll fall asleep on MC. If you choose to wake her up, she'll wake up and events will go as usual. If you choose not to, she'll sleep until poem time, when MC has to wake her up.

In the 4th day, MC goes after her as she leaves. There is a scene of her getting run over by a bus, but then the screen glitches and you see her standing there. She asks why MC went after her and insists that they go back to the club, saying that she doesn't need them following her.


Second day:


red, orange, green, blue,

the canvas is splattered with every colorful hue,

i lean over to dip my paintbrush in the water,

whoops, the cup tips over.

suddenly the colors start to fade,

all that's left on the canvas is gray.

i sigh, and refill the water to try again,

hoping one day that i'll reach the end.

Third day:


the paper lies on my desk.

it's crumpled, yet nevertheless,

i brandish my pen and bring it down hard,

the paper is tearing, any care i had is charred.

i scribble and scribble my worries away,

i scribble and scribble until the next day.

i sigh as i turn the coffee pot on,

and with that all my scribbles are gone.

Day four (route):


the world we live in is drab and gray,

a world where only children can laugh and play,

i keep going on for only one reason,

i sigh as i watch the passing of seasons.

however, one faithful day,

the neon of you washed my worries away.

you didnt just erase me away,

you highlighted me, molded me with your clay.

you looked at me, scribbles and all,

you looked at me like i was a brand new doll.

together we'll paint the whole world neon,

a wonderful world that we'd love to be on.

Day 4 (non-route):


i look out onto the ocean so blue,

trying to think of something that i never knew.

i was once so bright, so full of color,

but now i'm gray, like any other.

i brandish my paintbrush, staring at the canvas.

could i even do this?

every time i try i mess up somehow,

can all i do is scribble and shout?

the paintbrush drops to the grassy floor,

now i will scribble forevermore.

Word Preferences

Splatter, Color, Bright, Neon, Sketch, Doodle, Sister, Paint, Twin, Younger, Work, Tired, Poster, Thumbtack, Hairclip, Little, Necklace, Hue, Portrait, Canvas, Art, Rainbow, Swirly, Gray, Masterpiece, Pigtails, Caring, Stressed, Spill, Crayon

Monika's Talk

Monika will have a few things to say about Aeka if you stick around a bit before deleting her.

Aeka's Reclusiveness

"Y'know, despite being super energetic, Aeka really was kind of reclusive before the protagonist came along."

"She just sat in the corner and drew the whole time..."

"I'm still kind of annoyed about that."

"Like, you join a literature club, draw the whole time, and then not even talk to the members much!"

"I guess there's no use fretting over it anymore."

"I mean, she doesn't exist anymore, ahaha!"

Aeka's Sisters

"One time, Aeka's babysitter called to cancel right before she got to the club."

"But instead of just not coming like she usually would've, she brought them with her."

"I guess I was being a bit harsh on how she was missing meetings...."

"Mizuki was relatively quiet, she was entertained for a bit with just a coloring book and a box of crayons."

"Himari on the other hand..."

"Himari was....energetic, to say the least."

"She was bouncing all over the place, and even scaring poor Yuri a few times!"

"Of course, once Mizuki saw how much fun her twin was having....she joined in."

"To say the least, I was much more lenient of Aeka missing meetings after that."

Aeka's Hairclips

"It kind of amazes me of how many hairclips Aeka was able to manage with in her hair."

"Imagine putting in all of that every day...I get bothered if my bow is uneven, so I can't imagine dealing with that many accessories!"

"I guess it must've helped that she was anything but a perfectionist."

"She wrote in all lowercase, for god's sake!"

"Did you notice that? Because I sure did."

"Sorry, [Player], I just..."

"It really irks me."

"I know she didn't like writing but c'mon, at least put a little effort in."

"Anyways, I'm getting off track."

"Even if I have some...problems...about what had given her the ability to, I still think it's pretty nice she was able to manage like that."

Trivia & Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

-If you change Aeka's character file to a .png file, you'll get a picture of the first page of the manga her and MC wrote.

-There is a 10% chance that during the poem minigame Aeka's chibi turns into two smaller chibis of a two girls that look like her but younger (her twin younger sisters).

-There is a special poem available in the second act titled symmetrical, that goes as follows:


they are the same person, multipled by two.


that's something bad.

it means multiplied mouths to feed.

it means multiplied stomachs to fill.

it means multiplied amounts of night shifts for me to take.
















-Aeka writes in all lowercase. It's a stylistic choice on her part.

-Aeka does not enjoy writing in the slightest, that's why her poems are short.

-Aeka may or may not appear in a mod made by my friends and I, but most likely not, seeing as none of us currently know how to use Renp'y and none of us could make CGs. So, the mod will likely have to be made by someone else or with someone else's help.

-Aeka's biggest fear is leaving her twin sisters alone or letting them down.

-Aeka comes in after Monika on the day of the festival.

-Aeka resents her aunt.

-Aeka only asks for paint or canvases for birthdays or other gift-giving holidays.

-Aeka often redraws pages of other manga.

-Aeka has bad handwriting.

-Aeka's menu sprite is mostly Sayori's assets, but her skirt is Yuri's, her left leg and pigtails are Natsuki's, and her open eye is Monika's (I drew the closed one).